Glory #34
Friends of the GOCC and Collectors Corner, Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell, decided to end Glory at issue 34. We had Joe and Ross skype with us in December and had Joe as a guest of Collectors Corner at Free Comic Book Day 2013. We’re sorry to see Glory go, […]

GOCC Glory Shoutout

April's BotM
In this first collection of the critically acclaimed series, the Hoax Hunters travel to Russia, the Louisiana Bayou, and 1984 New Jersey to seek out the truth behind supernatural events – and cover them up! The Hoax Hunters demonstrate the truth isn’t out there.

April’s Book

BOTM March
Luther Strode was a pretty average teenager until he ordered The Hercules Method, a bodybuilding course that promised to make a man of him. It didn’t just make him a man, it made him a super man. Now Luther has to deal with the strange talents that the book has […]

March’s Book

February BotM
Danger Club, vol. 1 Faced with the deadliest peril the universe had ever known, the world’s greatest heroes left the Earth to battle a nightmarish evil… and they never came back. Now only their teenage sidekicks remain. Will the Danger Club unite against this unknown cosmic menace, or will their struggle […]

February’s Book